American Women in Business was founded by Ann Vertel for women who are creating more freedom in their work, their life, and everything in between.

Women like us are small business owners, operators, and entrepreneurs (and those who want to be) who are chasing down the American dream.

We’re intelligent, informed, ambitious, and creative.

We embrace personal excellence, character, integrity, and a strong merit-based work ethic.

We believe in personal responsibility, individual freedom, common sense, the free market, limited government, and the principles of faith, family, and freedom.

We have different types of businesses but we are united by our love for America and the opportunities this great country affords any citizen willing to work hard and go after their dreams.

Oh, and we might just be a little too attached to coffee, chocolate, good wine, and anything that’s considered wholesome because although many of us did all our stupid stuff before social media, we’ve come to embrace the things many people think of as corny because those things are the things that really matter.

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American Women in Business

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