Mission (what we do)

American Women in Business™ exists to support, inform, and connect American women who are small business owners, operators, and entrepreneurs.

Vision (where we’re going)

A thriving, interconnected community of profitable small business leaders who love what they do and earn what they’re worth.

Purpose (why we do it)

To provide a thriving community of women business owners who support each other in the running of successful small businesses that generate income, support their families, create more freedom and independence in their work and their life, and provide better opportunities for themselves and those they love.

Values (who we are)

Women like us are small-business owners, operators, and entrepreneurs…and those who want to be!

Although our businesses are different, we all share a love for America and the principles that support faith, family, freedom, and successful small businesses.

We believe the Constitution of the United States protects our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, guaranteeing us the right to establish, build, run, market, grow, and scale successful, independent businesses of our own.

We believe in a free market, free speech, freedom of assembly, the rule of law, small government, low taxes, the right to bear arms, and policies that support the success of small businesses. 

We believe in personal leadership, personal responsibility, character, integrity, excellence, practicality, common sense, and a strong, merit-based work ethic. 

(Oh, and we might just be a little too attached to coffee, chocolate, good wine, and anything that’s considered wholesome. Although most of us have done all our stupid stuff before social media, we’ve come to embrace the things that many people think of as corny because those things are the things that really matter.)

American Women in Business

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