Money and Fear

People want to build wealth for lots of reasons – security, legacy, fear of being poor – you name it. 

Overall, however, it’s the process, and the focus of that process, that usually falls within one of two categories – building wealth so you can escape poverty or building wealth so you can create a different future.

But, aren’t those the same thing? 

Not exactly. 

It has to do with the motivation behind the drive. To test the idea out, try this: in two columns, write down five reasons why you don’t want to be poor and five reasons why you want to be wealthy. Concentrate on making the first column about what you don’t want and the second column about what you do want.

You may be running away from something or running toward something – two entirely different driving forces.

As an example, let’s say you wanted to spend every Saturday doing nothing but spending time with your family. If your drive is to get away from working on weekends, you are running away. If your drive is to create a new family day, you are running toward

The result can be the same, but the motivation behind the result can make or break your ability to achieve it.

Moving toward something is more compelling.

If you want to be rich because you are scared (running away from poverty and debt), all your energy is used up in producing income in order to prevent something bad from happening. 

Being focused on a negative can be exhausting and is a constant reminder of the lack.

Figuring out what drives you to be wealthy – fear or desire – can be enlightening.

It may be a little of both. 

Review your two columns and then focus on moving toward what you truly want and make it a more compelling reason to get there.

Take charge!
– Ann

Ann Vertel, Ph.D.
Founder, American Women in Business

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